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Hello! I am fully qualified RTT therapist, transformational coach, Classic Code NLP Practitioner and New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence. Helping people letting go and living the life you are worthy of.


My greatest passion since I was 14 years of age has been a healthy balanced lifestyle, well-being and ability to really love and enjoy life, we only have one life, one shot at this…there are no rehearsals…🙏

So how do we create the life we really want?

My tenacity for life has always driven me to find ways of how to improve so I can become the best version of myself… but I found my own obstacles, limitations, ‘demons’ that held me back from my goals… came to a point, where I finally understood that physical health is impossible to reach fully without addressing mental health.

We are ‘programmed’ from the day we are born and these programs are of no fault of our own, these can be the obstacles from getting where we want to go and they pull us back so we can either be stuck or we self sabotage or procrastinate. these programs however can be adjusted and I help clients change their life by accessing their subconscious mind to change their limiting beliefs so they can break free and live their purpose, their dream, their ideal life…


RTT - rapid transformational therapy is a hybrid therapy, mix of NLP, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuroscience, that has won many awards and has a huge recognition in mental wellness and psychology world, its founder one and only Marisa Peer by which I was also personally trained by, and for this I will be forever grateful…what an opportunity! And want to share this privilege and pass it further and make a difference to others and their lives, truly free them from unwanted beliefs, habits, behaviours and and any other limitations that may have been holding them back such as low self esteem, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias. Blushing, stutter, skin issues, migraines, weight-loss/weight management, unexplained infertility, sports performance, procrastination, nail biting, symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and much more…


Send me an email or txt on 07411 030600 to arrange a zoom chat to see if I can be of service to you or your loved one.

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